Arhi Tied Forever Part 6

Part 6

Few hours later’

Arnav wakes khushi up with a warm cup of coffee’.she was still lying bare under the duvet while he had changed’..

Arnav:good evening Mrs.raizada’.

Khushi:Gud evening ASR

Arnav:jaan,its maan’s beach party’..we have to get ready’

Khushi:I know’but I don’t have anything to wear as such for..

Arnav silences her

Arnav: tum THE arnav singh raizada ke wife ho’.dont ever forget that’.

He take out a packet and tells her to go and wear it’

She comes out’it wasa  blue dress’.she looked stunning’

Khushi felt awkward wearing it as it was a little short for her’

Khushi:kaisi lag rahi ho’.

Arnav:just like an irresistible blueberry’mann to karta hai ke abhi ke abhi kha jaoo

Khushi blushes

Khushi:isn’t it a little too short

Arnav:just the way I like it mrs.raizada…Arnav wore a Blue Jacket with a grey tee

They both leave for the party

The party had limited people but all were having a blast’

Geet and maan were very happy’.

Geet:khushi’.u look amazing’

Khushi:tu bhi pinky’.they hug’

Geet:tere liye surprise hai’.woh raha’

Khushi widens her eyes in surprise and then screams’


(Karan Wahi as abhay)

he turns and on seeing her’he screams “princess”‘.

Both hug tightly and arnav was fuming in anger and jealousy

Abhay:jhalli’kaha thi tum’.ek phone bhi nahi kiya..

Khushi:sorry yaar’maaf kardo’

Geet:tumlog mujhe bhool gayi kya(she pouted)

Abhay & khushi:sorry pinky’aaja

They all three hug..

Now maan was also in anger

Nupur and aman were pitying seeing their state’

Khushi:abhi’.this is arnav’mere fianc

Abhay:nice meeting you arnav’.to finally princess ko apna Mr. right mil gaye’

Khushi blushed’.

Abhay:hum teen school aur college main best friend s forever the’.we were so inseperable’hey na khushi’.he gave her a side hug’.make arnav grow more rageful’

Guy:hey abhay’.its time yaar’

He goes and arnav breathes a sigh of relief’.

But he goes to the stage and starts singing’

Bachke zaraa zaraa
Shaitaaniyan meri
Oh ladies..
Oh ladies..

he pulls khushi and geet along and they dance too’

Karke zaraa zaraa
Bemaniyaan meri
Oh ladies..
Oh ladies..

Khushi and geet long with nupur dance with abhay while others followed’.aman-maan and arnav were giving abhay an I-WILL-KILL-U look”.

Kare seena zori
Seena zori
Tumhe ho na ho manzoor

Tere dil ki chori

They finaaly pull the ladies from there and dance with them”
Dil ki chori
Hai mera kya kasoor

Kya karoon oh ladies
Kya karoon oh ladies
Main hoon aadat se majboor

Kya karoon oh ladies
Main hoon aadat se majboor

arnav holds khushi by her waist and pulls her closer’.he slides his hand from her fingers and to her neck and kisses her’others didn’t notice as they were dancing’.suddenly the song changes””’.{MATURE}

Abhi abhi toh mile ho
Abhi na karo chootne ki baat
Abhi abhi toh pasand aaye ho
Abhi abhi rootne ki baat

They were slow dancing to the song”their desires were at its peak’it was beyond their control now’..
Abhi abhi toh roshni aayi
Abhi na karo muh chupane ki baat
Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai..

He whispered into her ears'”KHUSHI’I WANT U NOW!!!”

Khushi just moaned as he kissed her nape’
Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat

Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina neend tihare

He carries her kissing her to their room’..and closes the door harshly’they were truly restless now


Teri baazuo mein meri chahate samaaye
Teri dhadkanon ko meri dhadkane sunaye

He pulls her and pins her to the wall’he started madly kissing her’..he then takes her lips into his’.biting it’relishing it’..lost in it’.
Teri khwahishon se meri khwahishe riha hai
Teri karwato se meri daastan bayaan hai

Khushi unbuttons his shirt and he slides down her dress’..he startd to madly kiss her on her neck and goes down’.she moaned his name in pleasure’..he takes her to the bed’.and continued kissing her’teasing her’.she was feeling restless’.
Kya sukoon kya junoon
Hum nawa’

Abhi abhi dil ki suni hai
Abhi na karo zamane ki baat

Khushi finally screams'”arnav’I want you right now”

Arnav smiled seeing her restlessness’..
Abhi abhi baatein rukhi hain
Abhi abhi dohrane ki baat

They were finally off their dresses and arnav entered her”.she moaned’
Abhi abhi aawargi aayi
Abhi na karo sambhalne ki baat
Abhi abhi zindagi shuru hai..
Abhi abhi tham jaane ki baat

Woh subah toh bewaja ho

Finally they made vigourous love throughout the night”..over and over again
Ke guzare bin tumhare jis ki raat..
Hum toh haare mahiya re
Moonde naina neend tihare

They finally lay on each other’exhausted after their acts’.khushi laid on arnav’s chest and arnav kissed her forehead’




The wedding

Geet confronting khushi

Last night in goa’



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