Arhi Tied Forever Part 4

Part 4 (mature)
It was time for khushi and arnav to leave for GOA to attend Maan Singh Khurana’s wedding…
khushi’s parents had no issues with she going to Goa as She was used to travelling alone from Lucknow and Mumbai.but they didnt know a=that ARNAV was accompanying her
arnav and khushi decided to go by road as flights werent available due to rains and arnav hated trains…they would get some privacy as well the thought…khushi was wearing a white saree
khushi:arnav,tell me about your friends…
arnav:school aur college mein maan aur aman mere best friend thei…we were inseparable…we studied together in panchgani…they were with me in every important thing in my life…later Maan got involved in his business but aman still stood with me…but all of us remain in contact and meet whenever possible…despite me being the KHADOOS…to them i m different…and TO YOU
khushi smiled… 
they have a very sweet convo and they share a lot about each other…they were falling more and more in luv with each other…their urge to come close was growing every minute
arnav turns on the radio…
song1:”roop tera mastana…pyaar mera deewana..bhool kabhi humse na hojaaye”
they grow red…he changes
song2:”raat akeli hai…bhuj gaye diye…”
khushi was blushing highly…
song3:bheege hont tere, pyaasa dil mera lage abrr sa haan mujhe tan tera 
they were too embarrassed and urging to control their desires…
it was raining heavily…and suddenly they heard a sound THUD!!!!!
their car broke down…and they were in a forest like area and it was raining too…he and khushi takes shelter in a hut nearby…
it was freezing cold…arnav lit a bonfire…khushi was freezing and wet…

Yeh Saajish Hain Boondon Ki Koi Khwaahish Hain Chup Chup Si… Dekho Na Dekho Na…

Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole

Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan

he slowly looked at her.. she wasn’t looking at him.. she was staring at the fire.. her lips were shuddering.. he smiled on how his presence affects her..

the cool breeze blew her hair away from her shoulder exposing the lower part of her neck below the ears.. 

 ( Phir Na Hawayen Hogi Itani Besharam

Phir Na Dag Mag Dag Mag Honge Yeh Kadam…

Haa Saawan Yeh Seedha Nahi Khufia Bada

she was blinking faster than usual.. how he was observing every bit of her sensations.. he kept his gaze on that mischievous eyes which was trying hard not to see him..

Kuchh Toh Baraste hue Keh Raha
Samjho Na… Samjho Na…
Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole

a urge of touching her eyes.. flowed thru his body.. he tried to touch her.. caress her face.. her lips . it was the urge to feel and touch each other…to fulfill their desire…passion had just began

But that moment was enough for them. They were lost in each other. Their face were just inches away. Arnav caressed her face with his fingers. khushi closed her eyes as he was giving her goosebumps.

Kyon Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan

Dekho Na Dekho Na… 

Dekho Na Dekho Na… 

 Arnav slowly removed her dupatta and let her hair loose.  khushi was just staring at arnav. She was just enjoying the feeling that arnav gave him. arnav caressed her lips with his thump slightly. khushi was feeling over joyed with his each and every touch.Finally, arnav-khushi got rid of their dress exposing their bare body to each other.

 ( Jugnu Jaise Chahat Dekho Jale Mujhe

Meethi Si Mushkil Hain Koi Kya Kare )…

Hothon Ki Arzi Aaise Thukraaon Na

Arnav made khushi lie on hay with him being on top of her. He covered them with sheet. They kept kissing and rolling on hay. They were just enjoying their little moment. arnav and khushi were feeling each and every part of their body making them moan in passion. arnav slightly bit her ears and brushed his lips all the way to her neck.

Saanson Ki Marzi Ko Jhuthlaaon Na
Chhuu Lo Na Chhu Lo Na…

 khushi kept brushing her lips on his neck and chest. arnav felt her private parts making her moan and rising her desires. he kept caressing and kissing her.

Hawa Kuchh Haule Haule Zubaan Se Kya Kuchh Bole
Na Duuri Hain Ab Darmayaan

 Arnav then slowly entered khushi making khushi gasp in pain. She had tears in her eyes which arnav sucked it from her face. 

Dekho Na Dekho Na…
Dekho Na Hmm Hmm Hmm

Hmm Hmm Hmm Dekho Na

they hugged each other tightly and finally became one.she became completely MRS.ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA…

precap:ARnav Khushi Meet THE BRIDE & GROOM


sneak peek to khushi’s dress!!!.

arnav jealous…



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