Arhi FF Tied Forever Intro

Tied Forever~~~ ARHI SS

Story Starts When Lavanya Leaves The House And Arnav Is Feeling Guilty For Some Reason That He Hurt Khushi And Her Marriage Broke.he swears to not spare the person responsible for khushi’s condition.Raizada Family Also Sympathizes With Khushi.Anjali Could Make Out Something Cooking Between Arnav And Khushi Too.Arnav Decides To Give Khushi A Job In AR As His Assistant As Aman Was Leaving For A Project With Mamaji To UK.Khushi Joins Office.Days Pass And They Get More Closer And Free Wih Each Other.Arnav Lends A Hand Of Friendship Too Her Leaving A Baffled And Surprised Khushi.But She Accepts The Truth.Arnav Realizes That He Has Completely Fallen For Her And Khushi Also Is Having Weird Feeling In Her Heart.He Then Decides To Speak His Heart Out To Khushi’..he gave her a dress telling her that its a gift for his FRIEND…she agrees to come on a coffee DATE with him.But Did Not Know That Such An Evening Would Turn Into Something Never Expected”..¬†


ab aage…


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