Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 9

Ishq Wala love Part 9

Arohi’s eyes were full of tears.
A:Did I hear the truth?Are you my brother?
Maan nodded his head with tears in his eyes.
M:Yes Arohi.You are my sister.Do you hate me?
A:Since childhood I always wished for a family.So I have a brother.How can I be not happy?
Maan-Geet were relieved.
A:Can I call you bhaiyya?
M:Yes…I am longing to hear that.
He hugged her.Geet became very emotional seeing it.
M:Today onwards you should stay with us.I won’t let my sister stay away from me.
Arohi smiled.
Arjun came hearing the conversation.He was confused.
M:Arjun…good that you came here.Arohi is my sister.I am her brother.
Maan told him everything.
Arjun smiled at Arohi.Arohi smiled.Then they realized that they smiled at each other forgetting their fight.
Maan-Geet took Arohi to Dadimaa.
Dadimaa could’nt stop crying.
She caressed Arohi’s face:Because of my son,you went through so much.
A:But I got a Dadimaa.So I am not thinking of my past.
Dadimaa hugged Arohi.They all became very emotional.

Aro:Dadimaa…Maan bhaiyya says that you are so attached to the Khurana Mansion that you refuse to go with them to Mumbai.But I request you to come with us to Mumbai.I want to stay with you Dadimaa.I could’nt spend my childhood with you.I lost my childhood.But at least now I want to spend maximum time with you.Please Dadimaa.Please don’t say no.
Dadimaa cupped her face in her hands:Arohi…don’t be sad that you lost your childhood.Iwill be with you in Mumbai and I will shower all my love on you.
Aro:Thank you so much Dadimaa.
She hugged her.
All were happy.

Dadimaa joined them when they went back to Mumbai.
Maan arranged a small dinner dinner for his friends as he got Arohi as his sister.
Maan-Geet fed each other dinner without other’s knowledge.
Palak-Payal watched it secretly and giggled.It turned out to be a laughter.
Maan-Geet were shy.
Payal:Mumma papa are very lazy to eat food by themselves.They always want each other’s help to eat food.
Maan-Geet were very shy.
Arjun and Arohi ‘s eyes followed each other while having dinner also.They did’nt know why.
Arohi passed by Arjun.Her saree’s pallu blew in the air and it touched Arjun’s face.He felt something different as if it was her skin which touched his face.He forgot himself in that mesmerizing moment.Her saree’s pallu was blowing like hell in the air.She struggled hard to hold it.Then she realized that her front was not covered by her saree.She became very uncomfortable as Arjun was also watching it.He also became uncomfortable.He realized what Arohi was going through.He held her saree pallu and covered her body properly.
They were shy to face each other.
A:Thank you.
Slowly they looked at each other.It turned out to be lovely eye lock.
Maan-Geet came.They were surprised to see it.They smiled.Arjun-Arohi broke their eye lock and saw Maan-Geet smiling.They were embarrassed.
Arj:Nothing like you both think.
A:Yes.Nothing is there between us.
M:Hello…did we say that there is something between you both.Then why are you guys getting tense?
Arjun-Arohi were embarrassed.
Maan-Geet burst into laughter.
M:To be frank I will be really happy if my best friend Arjun dates my little sister Arohi.
Arjun-Arohi were shocked.Slowly they looked at each other and smiled.Maan-Geet smiled.
There started Arjun-Arohi’s love story and it ended up in their engagement.
Geet wore a light brown transparent saree.Though her baby bump was visible she looked damn beautiful.Maan was flattered.Geet blushed.
He held her shoulder.
His hands travelled all over her soft hands.They were very close to each other.They shared a passionate eye lock.
He raised his fingers towards her face to pamper her smooth skin.Suddenly Payal and Palak came running.
Immediately he took his fingers back.Geet giggled seeing his nervousness.
Arjun-Arohi exchanged rings.
Maan kept his hand around her shoulder.She looked at him.He smiled.

Slowly she also smiled.
Maan-Geet were very happy to see Arjun-Arohi together.

During the party Maan got a letter.Reading the letter he became shocked.

Arjun and Yash noticed it and they went after Maan.
Arj:Maan…tell us.Why do you look so insecure?
M:Nothing like that.Why should I be insecure?After all today is my best friend’s and my sister’s engagement.
Y:Maan,don’t try to hide it from us.Tell us the truth.
Maan could’nt control anymore.
M:Armaan is released from the jail.I got his letter. He has asked me to count my days as he is coming back to kill me.
Yash and Arjun were shocked.
Y:But you are innocent.
M:But he thinks that even I am like my father.
Y:Did you tell Geet?
M:No.In this stage she should not stress too much.I don’t want her to have any tension.So I did’nt tell her about it.
Arj:Don’t worry.We will appoint security men here.They will not let Armaan touch you.
M:No need.I will take care of everything.

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