Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 8

Ishq Wala love Part 8

Maan and Geet visited Arohi’s orphanage.They feel pleasant seeing the kids over there.Arohi was surprised to see them there.She ran to them.
Arohi:Maanji’Geet di’Welcome to our small heaven.
M:It is really a grand heaven.
G:Yes.The kids over here are so sweet.
Arohi smiled.
Arohi introduced them to the matron.
A:Theyare my friends.Maanji and Geet di.
Matron was very happy.
Mat:We are happy that great people like you are visiting our small kingdom.
M:As I told Arohi it’s not small,a vast area because of love.And we want this area to be vast in every way.For that’.
Maan signed a cheque and handed over it to her.She was surprised.
Mat:Such a big amount.
G:We told you’this is for the kids and for them even this is not a big amount.
M:Right Geet.
Arohi and the Matron smiled.
Some kids called Arohi.
“Arohi didi,come..”
She went to play with them.
Maan and Geet smiled seeing Arohi play with the kids.
G:Arohi is mingling with them so well.
Mat:That is because she is also one among them.
Mat:She is also brought up here.
Maan-Geet were shocked.
They felt sympathy towards Arohi knowing that she is also an orphan.
Mat:She is the daughter of a 15 year old rape victim.
Maan-Geet were shocked:Just 15 years old?
Mat:Yes.She was raped brutally by a rich business tycoon Virendar Singh Khurana.
Maan-Geet felt that their head was spinning.
Mat:She became pregnant.Her family committed suicide.She died in her delivery.Thus her baby reached this place.Arohi.
Maan and Geet looked at each other with shock.
After playing with the kids Arohi went to the matron’s room.
A:Where are Maan and Geet?
Mat:They went back.
A:Went back?They did’nt bid good-bye to me.
Mat:That is because you were busy with the kids.
Arohi thought:I need to go and meet them.Afterall they did so much for my orphanage.
Maan was broken down completely.Geet was upset.
M:Arohi’she is my little sister.Though she was around me all these days I failed to recognize her.How could I not recognize my sister?Poor Arohi.Because of my father she had to lead a tough life.
M:My dad was such a big animal.He raped a young girl.Good that your brother killed him.He did’nt deserve to live.And Arohi’
G:Calm down Maan.
M:How will Arohi react when she comes to know that I am Maan Singh Khurana..her brother?Will she hate me as I am the son of her mother’s rapist?Or will she love me as I am her brother?
Suddenly Geet’s eyes fell on the person who was standing there shocked.
Maan looked at that person.
It was Arohi.
They were shocked.



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