Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 7

Ishq wala love Part 7

Arohi started shivering.Geet felt like laughing.
Aro:Di…he is your husband?
Geet smiled:Yes.Maan is my dear husband.
Arohi was embarrassed.
Aro:I am so sorry di.I did’nt know that.Without knowing this what all did I say…
Geet smiled:It’s ok Arohi.Leave it.
Aro:Really?You are not cut up with me.Right?
Geet smiled:Not at all.You arecalling me di.So I consider you as my little sister.
Geet hugged her.Arohi smiled happily.
Arohi thought:Now I have a sweet sister.Thank God for meeting me a wonderful person like Geet di..
Geet became emotional:I feel that my little sister Preeti has returned to me through Arohi.Thanks to you God.
With days passed Arohi became very close to Geet and Maan.
Arjun and Arohi walked without knowing each other’s presense.They bumped into each other.
Aro:It’s ok.
Then they saw each other.They were shocked.
Aro:How dare you?You guys aways do this to girls.
Arj:Excuse me…you only came this side.
Aro:Me?You did the mistake and you are blaming me?You did it.
Maan who saw this came running.
Maan pulled him back.
Arj:I will not leave her.
Aro:Maanji,this guy…I don’t know how this irritating guy became your friend.
M:Oh no.You come with me.
Maan dragged him away.Arohi smiled.
Geet was foling her clothes.Suddenly she made a sound:Ah!
Maan:What happened Geet?
Geet was excited:Maan…our baby kicked me for the first time.
He kept his face on her belly to feel the kick.
M:Yes,you are right.
Palak and Payal alo kept their face close to her belly.
Palak:Khush is talking to us.
Payal:Yes papa.We have decided that if it’s a girl we will call her Khushi.If it’s a boy we will call him Khushal.
Palak:Till we confirm whether it’s a boy or a girl we will call the baby Khush.

G:Khush!So cute.
M:Khushi or Khushal.Wow!This waiting is amazing.

They were very happy.

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