Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 6

Ishq wala love Part 6(Written by Pari_Jyothika)

Geet was Now 5 months pregnant.She insisted on accompanying Maan to office despite his protests.
The kids were really excited about their baby coming.they helped their mamma all the time.maan and geet were proud of them.
It was one of those busy days at the Press.Geet was instructing mayank about a coverage at a ministers office/suddenly a girl came yelling..
“what rubbish do you people print.I want to meet the MD now..
Geet maan and other co workers came out hearing her voice.
A girl in her 20’s was yelling
Geet:what happened??why are you shouting?
Girl:maam.i am arohi singh.I belong to sanskaar there was an article written in this paper regarding our orphange being replaced by a mall by singhania group.that is not happening maam.
Maan:never..our information could never go wrong.we have solid informations here.(he raised his voice)
Geet:maan…aap shaant ho jaayiye..
Maan:no geet.Our company has a reputation.No one can point against it.
Arohi:maam..i your boss is saddu and khadoos.ery arrogant…she whispered
Geet and Nupur smiled.
Geet:arohi…I will surely try to help you.Please calm down.
Arohi:thank u di…i mean maam
Geet:di id fine she said smiling.Arohi leaves.
Maan:geet…that is arjuns company.
Arjun was maan’s friend.
Geet:i know maan.But i saw truth in her words today.we have to check her facts again.
MAan clarifies with people.he came to know that the case was on stay.he called up arjun.Arjun didnt want anyone to point at maan so he agreed for the apology to be printed.Arjun fumed thinking about arohi though.
Arohi was excited.she ran to geets cabin and hugged her also giving sweets to her as they won the case.she turned to find maan-geet wedding photo and was gobsmacked

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