Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 5

Ishq wala Love Part 5

Riddhima dialed Geet’s number.
R:Geet,meet me immediately.
G:What happened Riddhima?Any problem?
R:I will tell you directly.
Geet met Riddhima.
G:Riddhima…why did you call me?
R:What is your husband’s name Geet?
Geet became dull.
G:I told you no.Maan.
R:His full name?
Geet became nervous.She found something fishy with Riddhima’s talk.
Geet’s lips shivered.
R:Is it Maan Singh Khurana?The son of Virendar Khurana?
Geet was shocked.
R:You hid such a big thing from me?I never expected this from you Geet.
G:I am sorry Riddhima.I hid it from you thinking that you will be hurt.
R:Yes Geet.I am hurt.Because you have no feelings for your family.You have no heart.If you had loved your family you would not have married the son of your parents’ killer.
Geet became upset:Please Riddhima…try to hear what I have to say.
R:No.I don’t want to hear anything.You broke my faith in you Geet.I searched for you.I wanted to meet you very badly.But now I regret.I will never forgive you for this Geet.
Geet was shattered:Riddhima!
Riddhima walked away.Geet cried a lot.
Geet went home and cried on her bed.Maan could’nt understand why she was crying.
M:Geet…get up.Tell me what happened?
G:Maan…Riddhima misunderstood me.
Geet told him everything.
Maan wiped her tears.
M:Geet,don’t be too upset.Riddhima will understand everything.She will come back to you.
Geet shed tears.
Maan showed her a blue saree.
M:See Geet.I bought this for you.Did you like t?
G:Yes Maan.It’s beautiful.
M:Then you wear this and come out.
Geet wore the blue saree and came out.The room was dark.Suddenly Maan lit a candle and kept it on the table.Geet’s favourite snacks were arranged on the table.

She was surprised:Candle light dinner?
Maan smiled.
Geet ran into his arms.
G:Love you Maan.Thank you so much.
He held her hand and started singing.
She smiled.

Surkh wala, sauz wala, faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love
Hua jo dard bhi toh ham ko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

They both swayed rhythmically to the romantic song.

Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein malke ke maine dekhi hai subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love
Jhanke badalon ki jaali ke peechhe se
Kare chandani ye mujhko ittala
Leke noor sara chand mera yahin pe hai chhupa chhupa hua
Ishq wala love

Maan fed her dinner.She fed him back.

Hua jo dard bhi toh ham ko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love
(The student of the year).

Suddenly the lights were switched on.
“Happy birthday Geet”.
Geet turned back with shock.
There came their colleagues with Palak and Payal with a huge cake.
Geet was surprised.
Palak-Payal:Happy birthday mumma!
Geet hugged them:Thank you so much children.
Geet looked at others:Thank you everyone.
Nupur:You thank Maan bhai.He only arranged this.
Geet looked at Maan with surprise.
G:Again you surprised me Maan.
Maan smiled.
Geet blew out the candle and cut the cake.She put a cake piece in Maan’s mouth.He fed her back.
Geet fed the kids.Maan-Geet distributed the cake pieces to others also.

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