Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 4

Ishq wala Love Part 4

Slowly Geet came inside with the kids.Dadimaa looked at them carefully.She went near Geet.Geet and Maan were tense about Dadimaa’s reaction.
Dadimaa:How can I not accept my Maan beta’s wife and kids?They are my daughter and grand children.

Then slowly she smiled.Geet was relieved.Geet touched her feet.Dadimaa blessed her.
Maan smiled emotionally:Thank you Dadimaa.

M:Children’this is your badi dadi’papa’s Dadimaa.
They were excited.They ran towards Dadimaa:Badi dadiii’
Dadimaa kissed them.They spent a lot of time there enjoying with Dadimaa.
After a few days’
Geet woke up from the bed.
She looked around for Maan and kids.
G:Where are Maan,Palak and Payal?
She got out of the room.She was peeping into every room in search of them.Then she was surprised to see Maan and the kids in the kitchen.They were struggling hard to cook.She felt like laughing.
Then she found the kitchen messy.
G:What is this?Why did you guys make the kitchen so dirty?Yuck!
They were embarrassed.
Palak:Sorry mumma’
Payal:But we were making delicious breakfast for you.
Maan:Yes.We made break fast for you.Instead of thanking us you are scolding us?
G:I will thank you if the break fast is good.
M:Come taste it.
Geet tasted the break fast.Her face was not pleasant.
Maan whispered to the kids.
M:I think your mumma did not like the food we cooked.
Palak whispered:She will like it papa.Relax.
Payal whispered:If you want her to like it papa’you feed her.
Maan smiled.Suddenly he took the plate from Geet’s hand and started feeding her.
She was surprised.
M:How is the break fast?
Geet smiled:Very nice.Thank you all for such a tasty break fast.
Payal:Papa’I told you no’if you feed mumma,even if the food is bad she will find is tasty.
The kids laughed.Geet frowned.
G:Maan’so it was their idea to feed me?It was your trick?
Maan pulled his own ears:Sorry’
Geet smiled,but pretended to be serious:Ok’
They all smiled.
Maan and Geet got ready to go to the hospital for Geet’s check up.
Suddenly Maan got a phone call.
He attended it.
G:What happened Maan?Any urgent official work?
G:Then you go Maan.
M:But you’
G:Don’t worry about me.I will go to the hospital alone.
M:Can you manage it alone?
G:Why not?
He caressed her cheek:Take care.
Maan went out.Geet went to the hospital.
She entered the room of the gynecologist. She was surprised to see her.It was Riddhima Gupta.Geet’s brother Armaan’s girl friend.
Riddhima could’nt believe her eyes:Geet!I am so happy.I searched you a lot.And now’?
Geet smiled:I am pregnant.It’s the second time.
R:Wow!Second time?That’s so sweet.Where is your hubby?
G:He had to go for an urgent work.
R:What is his name?
Suddenly Geet became dull.
She thought:If Riddhima comes to know that I married the son of Virendar Khurana because of him Armaan went to jail se will be really hurt.I can’t tell her the truth now.
G:His name is Maan.
Riddhima just smiled.
They exchanged their mobile numbers.
After Geet went Riddhima checked her files again.She was shocked to read Geet’s name being written in the file.
“Geet Singh Khurana”.
R:That means Geet is Maan Singh Khurana’s wife?He is the son of Virendra Singh Khurana…Nooo..

She was hurt very badly.


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