Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 3

Ishq wala Love Part 3

JASMINERAHUL”S MESSAGE :Since Pari_Jyothika is busy she finds it difficult to continue her story.So I thought of continuing her story.Though the script(Scenes,dialogues)is mine,the story is completely her’s.She told me how she wants the story to move .She had a clear idea about what should happen in each update.According to that I have written it’s script.Sorry if there are mistakes.

Maan gave a long lunch break to the Office members.
After they all finished their lunch Maan came.
Everyone got up and wished him.
M:Sit guys.I just came to invite you all home.Because today evening there is a party at home.
They:Why party?Any special occasion?
M:No.It is just a casual party.
He looked at Geet.She smiled.
Everyone came home for the party.They were surprised to see the house being so grand as they were expecting only a casual party.The party seemed too grand.
Again they were surprised when they saw a bride coming.Her face was veiled.
Maan smiled:This is my wife.
All were shocked:What?Why?
M:Sorry guys.I was already married.Now let me reveal her to you all.
He unveiled her face.They were shocked.
Because it was Geet.
Geet was just blushing.
Maan smiled:You all are surprised.Right?
One more surprise is there.
Then came Palak and Payal.
They hugged Maan and Geet:Mumma…papa…
M:Our kids…
They were again shocked.
“You really surprised us Maan”,they said.
“You guys hid your love,marriage and kids so silently”,they said.
Maan-Geet smiled.
Mayank:But we are sad for hiding it from us.
Geet-Maan became upset.
G:We are sorry.We had to do it.
Nupur:But what was the need to hide it from us?
M:For safety.
Maan explaned everything to them.
They became upset.
Maan went to the Khurana Mansion to meet his Dadimaa.They were very happy.
D:Maan,I will show you some new photographs of girls.
M:No need Dadimaa.
D:Why?How long will you stay single?
M:I am not single Dadimaa.I am aready married.
Dadimaa was shocked.
M:I have 2 kids also.Palak and Payal.
Dadima could’nt believe all these.
D:Are you in your senses?
M:I am telling the truth Dadimaa.I am sorry.I had to do this.
Dadimaa was extremely upset:But why Maan?
M:For my wife’s safety.
He explained the whole situation.
Dadimaa became upset.
M:Dadimaa,will you accept my wife and children?
Dadimaa’s eyes were full of tears.



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