Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 11

Ishq Wala love Part 11

Armaan could not believe his eyes:Geet!
Geet:Yes,your sister Geet.
Arm:You here?I thought’
G:You thought I was dead?No bhai.I am alive.
Armaan was surprised and relieved.
G:I would have been killed by the goons sent by Virendar Singh Khurana.But I was saved. I was helpless,weak and alone and it was Maan who came as my savior.
Armaan was shocked:Maan saved you?
G:Yes,it’s Maan who saved my life.Bhai,why do you want to take away Maan’s life for his father’s deeds?
Armaan was silent.
G:If you want to kill my husband,then first kill me and my kids,also our unborn child.
Armaan was again shocked.
Suddenly he saw Palak and Payal shivering near Geet due to fear.Also Geet’s big belly.
Armaan’s knife fell fown.He broke down crying.
Geet’s tears flowed down:Bhai!
She kept her arm on his shoulder.
He looked at her:Sorry my dear.Without trying to understand the truth I tried to destroy my own sister’s life.God won’t forgive me.
Geet wept:No bhai.You did’nt do it intentionally.God knows that.
Armaan turned his face towards Maan:I am sorry.Please forgive me.
M:Hey’don’t be shattered.I know you are forced to do this because of your love for Geet and family.You are my brother in law.So please be cool.
Maan hugged Armaan.Then Armaan looked at Palak and Payal painfully.
They were scared.
G:Children,don’t be scared.This is your Mamu.

A:I am sorry children.
He hugged them crying.
Geet became very emotional.
Riddhima opened the door hearing the door bell ring.She could’nt believe her eyes.It was Armaan.She burst into tears.
She caressed his face.
Armaan became very emotional.
R:When did you get released?
A:A few days back.
R:Then why did you take time to come here?Do you know how much I waited for you?
A:I am sorry Riddhima.Now only I found out where you stay.From Geet..
Riddhim got irritated:Geet?You met her?Do you know one thing Armaan?Don’t be shocked.She married the son of her own family’s destroyer.
A:I know.She married Maan Singh Khurana.
R:Armaan’you knew it?
R:Then you support her?
A:Riddhima’I know that you misunderstood her and is angry with her.But please don’t be angry with her. Just because she married Maan.He is not like his father.Then why should we blame her for marrying him?
R:Armaan’how can you be so cool?After all Maan is Virendar Singh Khurana’s son.How could she marry the son of the person because of whom you got jailed?
A:Riddhima’when Geet was alone and was in danger it is Maan who protected from his father’s evil eyes.He gave her good treatment,security,shelter and love.Then how can she hate him?Tell me.
Riddhima could’nt believe it:What?Maan’
A:Yes,only because of him she is alive now.Otherwise his father would have killed her.
R:Oh God!I misunderstood Geet and Maan.How much pain I gave Geet.I want to meet her.

A:Yes Riddhima.You should meet Geet.She is longing for your friendship.

Armaan took Riddhima to Geet.Seeing Geet itself Riddhima burst into tears.Geet also started crying.
R:Sorry Geet.I misunderstood you.
G:It’s ok Ridddhima.
Riddhima saw Maan.
R:Sorry Maan.I’.
M:It’s ok..don’t think about the past and get things worse.
R:You are right.

They all were very happy especially Geet.She felt that a storm has been calmed.

Suddenly Geet became uncomfortable.Geet’s labour pain had just started.
Maan ran to her:Geet’are you okay?
G:Maan’my stomach is paining.
R:I think it’s labour pain.
Arm:Oh God!
R:Let us go to the hospital now.
They rushed to the hospital.
Finally Geet gave birth to a baby boy.Maan-Geet pampered their little baby surrounded by Palak and Payal.

Maan kissed the baby.

M:Our Khushal Singh Khurana is born.
They smiled



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