Maaneet Ishq Waala Love Part 10

Ishq wala love Part 10

Maan went back to the party.He could’nt concentrate on the party.He was restless.Geet noticed it.
She thought:What happened to Maan?
She went near him:What happened Maan?
M:What do you mean?
G:You look upset.
He smiled:Why should I be upset on my sister’s and best friend’s engagement?
She thought:No Maan.You are hiding something from me.
He moved away.Geet saw a paper falling down from the pocket.She took that paper and read it.She was shocked.
At night in the bed room…
Maan was depressed.
Geet:Maan…Why are you disturbed.
M:I told you Geet..nothing like that.
G:You can’t hide it from me Maan.
She gave the paper to him.His eyes went through it with a shock.
Geet’s eyes were wet.
G:I got Armaan bhai’s letter.I read it.
Her tear drops started falling down.
G:Because of me you are facing so much Maan.Why did you hide it from me?Because you didn’t want me to be upset?
Maan became upset.
M:Geet,don’t cry.If you cry our baby will also cry.It is not good for our baby.
He wiped her tears.
After a few days….
Geet looked more scared.She sweated terribly.Maan was scared.He felt pain.He felt like crying seeing Geet’s condition.
Main hoon gumsum tu bhi khamosh hai
Sach hai samay ka hi sab dosh hai
Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta hai
Jaane kyu phir bhi dil kehta hai
Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zara
M:Geet,what is this?During pregnancy it is not good.You are stressing too much.
G:Maan,in the letter it was written that tomorrow Armaan bhai will come here.
M:Geet,you always wanted your Armaan bhai to return to you.But when that moment is near instead of being happy you are scared?
G:Maan,why are you so cool now?You know why he is coming.I am scared.
M:I was scared.But now I am not.Because now I am confident that he will not harm me.Because when he comes here he will know that you are my wife.He cannot kill his sister’s husband.
G:But Maan…
M:Don’t you trust your Armaan bhai?
Geet was confused.He wiped her tears softly.
Hai zindagi mana dard bhari
Phir bhi isme ye raahat bhi hai
Main hoon tera aur tu hai meri
Yunhi rahe hum, ye chahat bhi hai
Phir dil ke dil se, pul kyu toote hain
Kyun hum jeene se itne roothe hain
Aa dil ke darwaaze hum khole
Aa hum dono jee bhar ke ro le
Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zaraa
Maan caressed her hair.
M:Did you eat anything?
M:Why Geet?Don’t you know that our son will starve if you don’t eat?
He made her sit and fed her food.
Gham ke ye baadal guzar jaane de
Ab zindagi ko nikhar jaane de
Chhod de ab yaadon ke dukh sehnaa
Sun bhi le jo dil ka hai kehnaa
Jee le zaraa, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zaraa
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zara..(Talaash).
The next day…
Maan got inside the bathroom to bath.Suddenly somebody attacked him from behind.Maan was shocked by the unexpected attack.Strong arms were around his neck.Maan escaped from his strong arms only to see his face.
Maan was shocked:Armaan!
Ar:Yes Armaan.I entered your house without your knowledge and hid inside the bathroom.Now I will finish you.
M:No Armaan.First you listen to me.
Ar:No.I don’t want to hear anything.Your father killed my parents and sisters.I will take your life,so that your father will not get peace of mind even in hell.
Armaan took a knife to stab him.
Suddenly a hand stopped him.He stared at that person only to get shocked



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