Maaneet FF-Afsana Part 9

Afsana Part 9

After a week Maan and Khushi went to Sri Lanka.Arnav picked them up and took them to the Guest house.
In the evening they all went for the dance show.
A group of students started dancing’
Ore Piya'(Aaja nachle).
Maan was shocked.
Flash back’.
Geet was out of mood.
M:What happned Mishty?Why do you look so dull?
G:Maanu’I am not getting a good song for my new dance item.
M:Such a small thing?I will compose a song for you.
Geet was very happy:Really?
M:When your Maanu is with you no tensions.
Within 2 days he composed a song and sang it before Geet.
O re piya haye (3)

Udne laga kyon man baawla re
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re
O re piya haye (2)

Tanabana tanabana bunti hawaa haaye bunti hawa
Boondein bhi to aaye nahi baaz yahan

Sagish mein shaamil sara jahan hai
Har zare zare ki yeh iltiza hai

O re Piya
O re Piya haye (2)
O re Piya

Geet’s body moved automatically.She danced beautifully.
The dance got over.Maan had seen the dance properly as his mind was in their past moments.
Maan rushed to Mr.Mittal.
Mittal:How was the performance Mr.Khurana?
Maan was restless:Nice. Who is the choreographer?
Mi:Geet Handa.
Maan became very emotional.
Arnav and Khushi smiled watching this.
A:So finally our plan is working out.
Khushi smiled:Ya..
Geet who was on the wheel chair in the dressing room was nervous as she had come to know that the programme’s chief guest was Maan.Geet’s helper lady Sandhya came.
S:Geet’Mr.Maan Sngh Khurana is really impressed with your choreography.He wants to meet you.
Geet was shocked.She thought:No.Maan should not see me in this condition.He won’t be able to bear it.
Sandhya came out.Muskaan was near Geet.
G:Muskaan’Maan should not see me.So please take me home immediately through the back door.
Mus:But Geet’
G:Please take me back home Muskaan’I beg you.
Muskaan became upset.
Maan reached the room with Sandhya.No one was there.
M:Where is Geet?
S:I don’t know Sir.She was here only.
Maan ran out restlessly searching for Geet.
Maan cried out of pain.
Suddenly a girl kept her arm on his shoulder.He looked at her.He was emotional and surprised.
It was Geet.
He cupped her face.
M:My Mishty!Why did you leave me?After you left me I have never slept peacefully.
Geet walked away.Maan followed her.They reached an area which was decorated with lights.
He pulled her towards him.
They shared a passionate eye lock.
Suddenly he realized that it was only his dream.
Arnav-Khushi came out.
A:Muskan’s car is missing.That means she took Geet home.
They saw Maan breaking down.
A:Maan’no need of calling Geet.She is not here.I will take you to Geet.I know where she is.
Maan was surprised:You’?You hid her from me?
A:Maan’wait’you will understand everything when you see her.
Arnav,Khushi and Maan reached Arnav’s house.
Arnav pointed his finger towards a room.
A:That is Geet’s room.
Maan rushed to her room.
He was shocked to see Geet on the wheel chair.Geet was shocked to see him there.

Arnav-Khushi looked at each other as they were tense about Maan-Geet’s reaction.



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