Maaneet FF-Afsana Part 8

Afsana Part 8

JASMINERAHUL MESSAGE:Since Pari_Jyothika is busy she finds it dificult to continue her story.So I thought of continuing her story.Though the script(Scenes,dialogues)is mine,the story is completely her’s.She told me how she wants the story to move on.According to that I have written it’s script.I don’t know if I have destroyed her beautiful story.But I enjoyed writing it.Sorry If tere are mistakes.

Geet gave birth to a baby girl.She became very emotional when her fingers touched her baby’for whom she is living now.
Arnav and Muskaan smiled seeing a smile on her face after a long time.
Geet lived for her daughter Pihu.She looked exactly like Maan.Her presence gave her a feeling that Maan was around her only.
Maan became stone hearted and rude.But took care of Rano.
Geet trained her Kathak students by giving them instructions though her legs never moved.
Flash back over’
Now Pihu is a bubbly school going girl.
Arnav went to Mumbai for a Business deal.He took a hotel room.
After the meeting he got tired while driving the car.On the way he saw a flower shop.That cheered him up as gardening and flowers always gave him relief and happiness.He went to the flower shop.
He smiled seeing the orchids.
A:Hey’I want these orchids’
A girl who was catching orchids looked at him with wonder.
She:You also want orchids?
He looked at her.He was bowled over by her face.Her innocent eyes’rosy lips’pink cheeks’
She:Why are you looking at me like this?
He looked at her deeply:I like keeping orchids in my room.It gives me freshness.Tht’s why I bought them.
She smiled:Me too.I thought you ordered orchids to tease me as I am catching orchids.I am so foolish.
They both giggled.
Arnav thought:Crazy girl.But cute.
A:I am Arnav Singh raizada.I stay at Sri Lanka.I will be here for a few weeks for an important Business deal.
She:Hi’I am Khushi Kumari.Welcome to Mumbai.
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K:Where do you stay?
M:I stay in Hotel Blue Diamond.
K:Ok’Have a nice time in Mumbai.Bye.
The next day’
Arnav and Khushi bumped into each other at the flower shop.They were surprised to see each other.
They giggled.
They chatted there for some time.They kept meeting them purposefully at the flower shop.It strengthened their relationship.
Arnav invited Khushi to a place.She was surprised to see the area being decorated with orchids.Khushi smiled at Arnav.
A:Khushi,I thought..on this occasion orchids should be our witness as orchids only brought us closer to each other.
She smiled.
A:I love you Khushi.
She blushed:I love you too.
They both spent romantic moments with each other.
Only 2 more days were left for Arnav to go back to Sri Lanka.So the love birds were left.
A:Don’t worry Khushi.I will come back soon to take you with me.
She smiled emotionally.
A:There I have 2 sisters.Geet and Muskaan.Muskaan is my twin sister.Though Geet is not my blood she is my sister.
A:Yes Geet’.
Arnav explained to her about Geet-Maan’s love story.Khushi eyes became wet hearing their love story.
A:So this was the tragic ending of the love story of Geet and Maan Singh Khurana.
Khushi was shocked:What?Geet’s lover’s name is Maan Singh Khurana?
A:Yes.He is my school mate too.
Khushi could not believe it:Maan is my cousin.
Arnav was shocked:What?
K:Yes Arnav.Maan is my cousin.He is shattered after his girl friend left him.He is always frustrated.But who knew that Geet was also suffering?Only if Geet returns to his life he will start smiling again.
A:Poor souls.We need to get them united Khushi.
K:Yes Sure.
Khushi went to Maan’s cabin.
K:Hey Maan’I have a surprise for you.
K:Yes.I told you about the new friend I got.Right?
K:I will show you who he is.
Arnav came in.Maan was surprised to see him.
A:Hey buddy’after a long time’
They hugged each other.
M:You are in Singapore.Right?
A:No.I have moved to Sri Lanka.Now I am here for my business need.Tomorrow I am moving back .
M:Ok’You had met Geet in Singapore?Any idea where she is now?
Arnav tried hard to suppress his pain.
Maan became upset.Khushi could feel their pain.
M:Anyways’next week I am coming to Sri Lanka .I have been invited for a dance programme by one of my Business partners.Mr.Mittal.He is running a dance school there.
Arnav smiled.He thought:Wow!That dance programme’s choregrapher is Geet.Let Maan and Geet be surprised to see each other there.
A:You are most welcome Maan.You can stay in my Guest house.
M:Thank you so much.
Arnav looked at Khushi with a smile.Maan smiled.
M:Don’t bother Arnav.I will bring Khushi along with me.
Arnav and Khushi smiled.

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