Maaneet FF-Afsana Part 3

Part 3
2 years later
Maan Singh Khurana…one of India’s best and world renowned entrepreneurs.over the years…he managed to get this name made.he was highly successful.Geet was always a part of his life deep inside his heart.that feeling motivated him in every action of his.he ven established a range of DIAMOND jewellery,named geet.
Khushi was always behind maan to get him married and he paid no heed.he was least interested.after a lot of effort…she managed to convince maan to open a FACEBOOK account so that he could mingle with girls.he finally agreed.
he tried searching for geet and ranbirs account but couldn’t find.
after a few days   
he recieved a FRIEND REQUEST from armaan.he was elated to see his armu bhaiya.he went through his pictures.he finds an album of his marriage with RIDHIMA MODI.he was happy.he looks for geets picture and finds them in one.he was shocked to see her dressed soberly and also wearing glasses.his geet was always colourful and fancy in dressing.people change after marriage,he thought.ranbir was also not seen in the pictures.suddenly he finds armaan online.
MSK:bhai…aap kaise ho?kha hai aap??
Armaan:fine…tu kaisi hai…mai ab sydney mai hu
MSK:fine bhai…geet kaha hai…kaisi hai…do saal se uska kuch pata nahi…
armaan after a long time…:woh yahi hai…humare saath…tu kuch din ke liye yaha aa sakti hai kya…please.
maan was elated to know where geet was.he imedietly took the next flight to sydney.he was over excited.he went to shops and bought a lot of and gifts.he reached his hotel and contacted Armaan.he told him that he was in his hospital and told him to come there and meet him and he could come through metro.he rushed.
IN the train.
Maan was sitting in the train thiking about the old times he had with geet
.Yeh hawayein gungunaein poochhe tu hai kahan

Tu hai phoolon mein kaliyon mein
Ya mere khwabon ki galiyon mein
Tu hai phoolon mein kaliyon mein
Ya mere khwabon ki galiyon mein
Yeh hawayein gungunaein poochhe tu hai kahan
Tu hai phoolon mein kaliyon mein

Ya mere khwabon ki galiyon mein
he realised how much he missed her over the years.suddenly he heard a soft,sweet and highly familiar voice…
“one black coffee with 2 blocks of sugar,please”
it was geet…his mishti…his BEST FRIEND.he rushed to her.
Maan:mishi…(hugs he Tightly)i missed you…i missed you…i missed you…i missed you
main tujhse bohot naraz hun…ek baar bhi phone nahi kiya…ranbi kaisi hain…aur baby aaya kii nahi,,,,mere buddy hui ya meri princess…tu kabse black coffee pine lagi…tu kuchbol kyun nahi rahe…
Geet:(stood there emotionless)maan…mai aur ranbir ab saath mai nahi hai…mera stop aagaya hai…hum sham ko milte hai…ye mere number hai…bye
and she rushes out of the train.maan stood there dumbfounded.he had the uge to kill ranbir now.he decided to meet Armaan and find out the rest.
PRECAP:another shocker for maan
New entry.

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