Maaneet FF-Afsana Part 2

Geet and Ranbir get married.Armaan,geets elder cousin performs her kanyadaan.rano and dadimaa get highly emotipnal at her bidaai.maan gets broken upon yhe fact that she was to leave him but happy that her life is filled with love and happiness.
At the Airport
Geet and Ranbir were to migrate to Denver othe next day.Geet couldnt stop crying.Maan was tryong hard to control himself.
Maan:Saaale…tu meri mishti ka acha khayaal rakhoge na…warna tere khair nahi…samjhe
Ranbir:Vaada karta hun ki tumhare mishti ko apne jaan se zyaada khayaal rakhoge.
Geet(crying badly):Maanu…tijhe bohot miss karegi
Maan:Mai bhi mishti,lekin tu chinta mat kar…ek phpne karinga ki main bhagkar aaungi terepaas chaahe jo ho jaaye
Maan:pakka promise
(both hug tightly)
They depart.Maan smiles seeing his cute lil friend Geet Handa…now turned into Mrs.Geet kapoor,a dutiful wife.He finally burst out crying.Armaan comforts him.
Armaan:Yaar,tu chinta mat kar.geet bohot kush rahegi.
Maan:armaan bhai…mai bohot kush hu uske liye.lekn bohot miss karegi usse.
Maan and Geet keep in touch through phone and mail.he craved to see her but decided not tp intride into their personal lifes.from her talks Maan could make out that she was very happie.Rano was also called to Denver to live with them.Maan was really happie for her.
6 months later
geet calls maan.
geet:maanu…hum PARIS shift ho rahe hai
Maan:what?????aise achanak??
geet:woh ranbir ke HQ waha shift ho rahe hai.
Maan:tjats really nice.
geet:maanu…problem yeh hai ki bohot dino tak hum contact nahi ikarpaoge.
maan:to kya…mishti.uske baad to karpaoge na…ti chinta mat aur ranbir ko ko keh dena

days…months pass…no news from geet
maan feels she is busy with er private life so decides not to the mean time his company recieves a lot of success.his cousin and friend KHuShi,who was a psychologist gives him all the support.his dadimaa as always stood as a pillar to him.but deep inside…he missed geet highly and craved to see or talk to her
a leap
shocker for maan 

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