Maaneet FF-Afsana Part 10

Afsana Part 10

Maan’s lips shivered:Mishty!
Arnav came in:Yes Maan.In an accident Geet’s legs became so weak that she can’t walk.
Maan was shocked.
A:Geet did’nt want your life to be troubled because of her.That’s why she wrote a letter to you that you are jut a friend to him.Actually she loves you so much that she got herself detacjed from you painfully.
Geet as crying.Maan was shattered.He burst into tears.
M:My Mishty!
He ran to her.
G:Maanu,go back…don’t come near me.
M:Mishty!I can’t leave you alone and go.
G:No Manu.I am not alone.I have our daughter Pihu.
Maan was shocked.Geet realized that by mistake she revealed the truth about their child to him.
M:Whatdid you say?Our daughter?
Geet wept:Yes Maan.
Maan remembered the night on which they got intimate with each other.
Maan became very emotional:Where is our daughter Pihu?
Muskaan brought Pihu to their room.
Maan ran to her and kissed her.
M:Pihu…I am your father.
She hugged him back.
P:Where were you papa?I missed you so much.
M:Sorry beta.But I promise…now onwards I will be with you always.
Geet was shocked about his decision:Maanu!
M:You detached me from not only you ,but also our daughter.No…I can’t be away from you both anymore.
G:Maanu…try to understand…please be practical…
Maan went out and took some wood pieces.He burnt them.
He carried Geet in his arms.
G:Maanu!Are you mad?
Maan walked around the fire.Geet was numb.
7 steps were completed.
M:Our saath phere is over Geet.
She was stunned.
Muskaan brought a sindoor dabba.Maan took a pinch of sindoor from it and filled the parting of her hair.
M:Now you are Geet Singh Khurana.
Geet was stunned.She burst into tears and embraced Maan.Maan tried hard to control his tears.
Arnav,Khushi and Muskaan became emotional seeing the scene.
Maan informed Rano about meeting Geet ,marrying her and alo about Pihu over the phone.
Rano was excited:Maan,bring my Geet and Pihu soon.
Maan smiled.
Maan took Geet to Rano.Rano burst into tears seeing Geet in this condition.She kissed Geet’s forehead.
R:My bachiii
Geet also cried:Mumma…
Rano looked at Pihu who was in Maan’s hands:Pihu…my grand daughter…I am your Nani…
Pihu got excited:Nani?
Rano took Pihu in her arms and pampered.
Rano made Geet’s and Pihu’s favourite dishes.
R:Maan,your daughter is exactly like you.She is also adamant about having pasta which I made by my hands.
Maan was surprised to see Pihu crazy about eating pastas like him.Like him,she also wants pasta which is made by Rano.
R:If pasta is not cooked on time she gets angry like you.
He looked at Geet.Geet smiled:She is junior Maanu.
They smiled.
M:Iwant to tell something to everyone.I have decied to take Geet to London for better treatment.
Rano became sad:I hope this time Geet will be able to walk.
Geet’s eyes were wet:I have no hope.
M:No.My Mishty will walk and dance like before.
But Geet had no hope.

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