Maaneet FF-Afsana Epilogue

Afsana Epilogue (Written by Pari_Jyothika)

4 years later++++++MUMBAI
“Pihu….pihuuu…..Where are you”
Pihu came running hearing the voice of her mother…she was now 10 years old and according to her dad… “A responsible girl”
Pihu:what happened mamma..why r u shouting..?
Geet was in bad temper today..
Geet:pihu??where is Arush…don’t tell me u don’t know but I know everything..
Maan:mishti…why r u shouting..?
Geet:maanu…both these kids are became very naughty now.wont even listen to me once..
Maan:hmm…what did Arush do now…pihu???
Geet:I had kept Milk for Him to drink and very smartly he poured it into Tommy out doggies bowl..poor thing is choking because it had BOOST in it…
Pihu and maan giggled while geet fumed..
Geet:where is that devil??
Arush,their 3 year old cute and naughty little baby came from his usual hiding place…under the sofa..
Arush:shorry mama….
Geet:u devil…u have become very naughty..
Maan:Aruu..u should not trouble mama na…she is not well na..
Pihu:sorry Paapa…he will not do any thing from now…pinky promise…
Arush:pinkie plosmish mama…
Geet:ole my baby…its okay…
They had a group Hug While Maan patted her 6 month baby bump…
Suddenly maan gets a phone call….It was Arnav..
They rush to the hospital with Rano who now lived with them..Khushi was in Labor while Arnav was super tensed…
Pihu plopped and sat on his lap
Arnav:hey girlfriend..
Pihu:don’t worry boyfriend…little baby and Bua will be fine…

Arnav and Pihu were very close…best buddies…
Maan and geet smile looking at them…Arush was still confused…
Doctor walks out…
Doctor:congrats…it’s a lil boy,,,
All were happy..Rano offered sweets…
Arnav held the baby all excited…Khushi smiled…they named him “Arhaan”
Maan and geet were happy to see Arnav and Khushi’s Happiness….
Geet:I love you Maanu..
Maan:I Love you Mishti…and kissed her forehead..
And they lived happily ever after…..with a little addition of Sia=their baby girl..

The end



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