Itefaaq Pyaar Se Part 8

Part 8

Geet:bhaijaan aap sab kuch jaante hai na’.phir bhi’. L

Aur aap aise has rahe hai’.

Arnav: isliye to’.pagli who maan singh khurana hai’.delhi k eek mashhoor family ka bada beta’..(st)if god permits my jiju’


(Flashback-1 years ago’)

Geet was on an excursion to hoshiyarpur..

They went on a lake side trip’.

Pinky:chalo yaar’boat pe chalte hai..

Geet:nahi nahi’..mujhe bohot darr lagta hai

Meera:yar tub hi na’.darrpok

Geet:(angry)main darrpok nahi hun’.to phir teek hai’.chalo

5 of them go on a boat.

Pinky:bada acha hai na

Geet was trembling all while’.

Suddenly the boat starts shaking and geet trips and falls off.

All panic and none knew swimming.

They row back and scream for help’.geet was trembling and struggling’

Suddenly a man emerges and saves geet’.in pinky’s language he was super-man’

He brings her to the shore’.she was unconscious.he was maan singh khurana.

He rubs her hands and all and she gets her consciousness back.first thing she saw was maan’.his eyes’.they were heavenly.

Maan:hey’u okay??

(st):she’s angelic”so beautiful

Geet:i am fine’


(st):his voice is so husky’

Her friends come to her and maan leaves and she thanks him. Later she found out who he was.he was the centre of attraction in media then and now.she first looked up to him as a role model’and it gradually bloomed into arnav’s language-her first crush(as it was always others having crush on her).till date’she knew all about him and the very fact that he was single and mr.perfect.

(end of flashback)

Arnav:woh tujhe kabki bhool chuke honge’waise he is not bad’eh?

Geet:nahi bhaijaan’mera dil kehta hai kii he still remembers me.lekin mujhe bohot tension ho rahe hai bhaijaan.

Meanwhile,anjali,ranveer and siya walk in grandly’.all applauded.

Maan was observing her silently.he looked out of the world in a sari.he fell in love with her all over again.

The family gathers and cuts the cake.just then khushi bumps into arnav.

Arnav:what the’.tum!!!Yahan??

Khushi:jii’..aap yaha kaise’waiter ho kya(she asked mockingly)

Arnav:listen missy ‘not-too-smart”main who arnav singh raizada’and this is my house!!Aur what do you think you are doing her’humne mental hospital pet ho invite nahi beja tha..

Khushi:hey devi maiya’.and excuse me mr.mera naam Khushi Khurana hai’.i.e.khuranas kii beti hoon main’.got that!!

Arnav:oh teri’.itni achi family aur tum jaisi musibat’poor family!!

Just before she could reply to him’.a young man in his twenties walks to the centre with a mic and’

“bai’party hai aur no naach gaana’.kya yaar’.come on lets party’woohooo



Arnav +geet:abhay!!

He starts singing’..

“abhi bhi hai jawani
toh raazi hai purani
hai abhi bhi jawani honey ji
sharm bhula ke, thumka laga ke
karo na thoda manmaani ji”

He pulls geet and khushi to accompany him’all family members join. Hi bhi tere gaal gore-gore
lakhon dilon pe dale dore-dore
dekho deewane huey jaa rahe hain

Geet and maan bump into each other”khushi and arnav smiles seeing that

Aadhe ke bhi chhore-chhore
ha baalon ki safedi se pheeka kab hua hai roma…aa..aa..nce

aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance
aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance
c’mon get up and dance

Kunal pulls anjali and ranveer too’.siya was enjoying to the core.while dancing,khushi purposely stamps in arnav while he wasn’t noticing’he cries in pain as she was wearing pencil heels.

Ho kamariya jo dekhi tto bachne ka nahi koi chance
aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance
(aunty ji, aunty ji)
aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance
hey aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance


All rejoice and enjoy the party.only maan and geet seem lost in each others eyes.

Precap:abhay takes his shone with the message

“you have new text messages”

Message1:khushi khurana

Abhay bhaiya’.maan bhai ko ani photo wali mil gayi’woh aapke cousin hai..geet singh khurana’kya hum kal milke baat kar sakte hai??

Message2:arnav raizada

Abhay bro’.woh geet ko ek rishta ka setup karna hai’your cousin-maan singh khurana’.can we meet tomorrow??

*abhay was confused*


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