Itefaaq Pyaar Se Part 10

chapter 10
it is morning…a fresh new beginning 
For maan and geet…their destination is not far…all they hav to do is ait 4 a few days as they are destinied to be one
kon conference call…where half time went in JHALLI-KHADOOS nonstop fights.(poor abhay)
and to begin with…
Abhay:k…asr…tum dono ko pata hai na ki kya karni hai?
A+K:ha…we do!!
Abhay:Letsbegin MISSION MAANEET!!
khurana mansion
khushi walks into maan’s study…he was on his laptop
Maan:arrey wah!my sister is really early today…lagta hai aaj baarish honewala hai!!!
Khushi:bhai…(angry)…mujhe aapse zaroori baat karni hai
Maan:ha bolo choti…
Khushi:bhai…aaj shaam ko kya aap mere saath shoping chalenge?
Maan:aise achanak?aur waise bhi tuje pata hai na kii malls suffocate me
Khushi:please bhai…next week is mom’s birthday…mujhe gift khareedni thi
Maan:kal chalte hai…aaj main busy hoon
Khushi:bhai…kal 17th hai…I ALWAYS GO SOMEWHERE EVERY 17th…u know!!!
Maan(st):shit…mai yeh kaise bhool gayi(then tells)..okay…lets go..kab jaana hai…??
Khushi:2 pm…okay bbye
{arnav also manofies geet on pretext of buying a gift for jeevika’s daughter as well as anjalis}
they reach the same mall at the same time…arnav and khushi made sure that they do not see each other
abhay:arnav-khushi (all were on blue tooth)
maan and geet gave confused looks to their siblings
Khushi:woh bhai…gifts check kardo na…
abhay:k tum bhai ko 7th floor se lift ke andhar bhejo…aur asr tum geet ko 5td se
K:bhai mujhe kuch PRIVATE khareedni hai…aap 1st floor ke cafe mai wait kar na
Maan:okay…and enters the lift
Arnav:behna…mujhe urgently kuch PRIVATE khareedni hain…tu niche cafe main mere wait kardo na
abhay bribes the opperator to off the lift for abt 1/2 an hour
geet unknowngly enters the lift without noticing maan…she suddenly turns and is surprised to see maan there…he was too sshocked to react
Maan:hii…i am maan singh khurana!!!
geet:hello..i am geet raizada
Maan:yes i know…hum us din party mein mile the…
geet:aur hoshiyapur main bhi…(she smiles)
Maan(st):she still remembers(then talks)i thought u must hav forgotten…
Geet:did not get the chance to thank u properly that day…THANK U SO MUCH sir!!
as soon as they reached FLOOR 3 the lift got stuck…lights went off…and it was dark
Abhay:they are sure gonna hav a very HOT date…*all Laugh*
geet:yeh achanak kaise…aur yaha network bhi nahi hai
maan:ek baar yaha se bahar nikle…phir main dekhti hoon//
*geet Laughs*
Maan(awes her innocence):waise tum kya karti ho geet?tumhe raizada group mei kabhi nahi dekha hai!!
geet:jii nahi.i have completed B.arch along with bhaijaan…i mean Arnav…he joined the company but i want to estabilsh myself sans my surname or assets
‘maan was IMPRESSED”
geet:aaur aap sir??{it was a pointless question as she knew all of him}
maan:managing khurana enterprise…ek baat puchu?
maan:ky amain tumhe kahi pada chuki hun…mujhe sir kyu bhula raHE ho??mujhe maan hi bhulao
geet:okay sir…i mean maan
suddenly a bulb that was the only ray of light goes off…geet panics and hugs him
geet:mujhe mat chodo maan…mujhe andheree se bohot darr lagta hai
she suddenly realises wat she did.maan smiles…
Maan(st):kitni bholi hai
precap:K:lights bandh karne ka plan mera tha…
asr:bilkul nahi…woh idea mera hi tha…tum tho koi kaam teek se kar bhi nahi sakti
just the maan and geet comes to them..Shocked

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