Arhi:her Last Wish Part 1

Arhi OS:Her Last Wish


(2 parts)


The basketball game was now over.




She had sat quietly watching as her husband and Sheetal played, and had fun…


This is what she wanted


‘She wanted””all what was happening was nothing but her plan’HER PLAN!!!


Sheetal coming to their life’.Aarav bonding with him’


To go away from Arnav’forever”. she hugged a pillar and cried








Khushi sat in the room of Dr.Shina”.shocked and devastated seeing the reports in front of her’


Dr:sorry mrs.raizada’..aap maa nahi ban sakti’


 khushi looked at her shocked…






Khushi was with nani and mami for a party at a womans association’she was still upset’.but she did not mention it to any one’..not even Arnav


That is when she met sheetal’..Sheetal Kapoor’




Sheetal:hello I’m Sheetal’..sheetal Kapoor


Khushi:hello’I am Mrs.Khushi Arnav Raizada’


Sheetal:OMG!!!!your are ASR’s wife”we were classmates in Harward’sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding’main London gayi thi’.its so nice meeting you’.


Khushi:that’s great’arnav will be very happy to see you’.what about your family’


Sheetal:my husband Dhruv passed away in an accident 2 years back’mera ek beta hai’Aarav..



Khushi:oh’I am sorry’


Sheetal:its okay’..actually Arnav made me patch up with dhruv In college’..bohot khadoos hai’.lekin dil ki achi’..u know we had to pretend to be BF-Gf to make Dhruv jealous’..


Something struck khushi’..


Khushi’s phone rang”it was arnav


Khushi:sheetalji’.i will call you or meet u later”.ek din hamare ghar zaroor aana’..


Khushi was in deep thoughts”sheetal was such a sweet girl’.she was modern, sophisticated and perfect for Arnav’.she could help her’..even sheetal needed some1 in her life’.




She decides to meet sheetal


Khushi:sheetalji’kya aap arnav ko pasand karte ho’


Sheetal:kya???what rubbish khushi’.woh mere ek amazing friend hai!!!aise kyun pooch rahi ho’..

Khushi:I m serious sheetalji

Sheetal felt something deep in her voice’

Khushi:kya aap mere jagah le sakti ho’arnavjii ke zindagi main’..aap unke bache kii maa ban sakte ho???

Sheetal:stop it khushi’..just stop it’..tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho’.

Khushi:kyunkii ‘main marne wale ho..(she tell her what the doctor said)

FB~~~~~Khushi felt her entire world trembling at her feet’she felt everything going blurry in front of her’.


Dr:chances hai’..lekin who appki aur bachi ke jaan ke liye khatra ho sakta hai’aapko BRAIN TUMOUR hai aur iss stage pe pregnancy can be dangerous’..


Khushi could hear nothing more’.she left’..


She could tell this to arnav’..he will indeed support her’.as always’


Her married life was as beautiful as ever after the shyam fiasco’they went on a honeymoon for 1 month to paris’..arnav left no moment to tease her’love her’care her”be with her’.


It was all going to be over now’..she thought~~~~~~~~~~~




Sheetal:how can u give up so fast Khushi’..???yeh puraana zamaana nahi hai’.there 1000’s of options'(even sheetal was saddened…she really adored khushi…)




Khushi:arnav aapko ek nayi zindagi de sakti hai sheetaljii’.saare pariwaar aapko bohot pyaar karega’..aap dono ka bacha’Raizada parivaar ke ansh’Aarav ke nayi pehchaan’uska papa’ mere aakhri khwaish hai sheetaljii


Sheetal avoided everything she said’..after all the convincing’.she had to finally agree”


Then began the plan”khushi made Arnav meet Aarav and sheetal”she made Aarav act like arnav so he gets bonded easily’..she made situations which would convince sheetal to stay in Raizada mansion



*end of flashback*


She had planned all this’ that she could go away from Arnav’..forever’.die peacefully


Her dream was to see Arnav’s baby’..then she would leave their lives forever’.


Then’..why was she jealous”




It was night’.Arnav came into the room’


Khushi was removing her earings’..arnav came from behind and started nuzzling her shoulder’.gently kissing and biting’.khushi moaned in pleasure’..he started opening her zipper




Arnav:khushi’I want u now”he whisperd huskily


Khushi suddenly jerked’’she couldn’t be close to arnav’.not now’


Khushi:no arnav’.i hav a bad headache’.


Arnav:r u okay baby???u should have played today’..


He carried her in his arms and layed her on the bed’.put the blanket and hugged her to sleep’.




Tears flew down khushi’s eyes”




Next day’..


Khushi was talking to sheetal


khushi:arnavjii kitne ache hai na…she smiled tearfully…




Sheetal:mujhse nahi hoga khushi’main arnav ko sab bata rahi hoon


Khushi:Please sheetalji…yeh meri aakhri khwaish hai…please




Aakhri khwaish????…came a voice




It was Arnav




Precap:sheetal and arnav in RM alone to fulfill HER LAST WISH 


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