Arhi OS When You Fall In Love

~When you fall in Love~

There’ll be a rainbow around the moon 
You’ll fall apart when you hear that tune 
Every day will end too soon 
When you fall in love 
You’ll get weak in the knees when you see her smile 
You try your best to hid it ”cause it’s not your style 
You let it get you cryin’ like a little child 
When you fall in love 
25th August 2012
Khushi’s P.O.V
I had believed him’.more than my life. More than anyone else in this world. But I was cheated. I Khushi Jennifer Gupta Trusted him more than myself to be left on the brute roads of destiny’was it really my mistake’or was it just fate as people say it..
I was an teacher for the physically disabled’I love kids .i am an orphan with a huge fortune left by my parents. I decided to help the cursed than the blessed. Mother Sarah’my guide my teacher my inspiration’she was the only relative I had in this world. my maternal aunt. my mom was a Christian and had a pure Lucknowi. they fought against all odds for their love’leaving the yearn for love in my genes. that is when I met him, Arnav Singh Raizada. He is a business tycoon, perhaps one of the richest in India. we became friends as he contributed towards a charity show’slowly the distances between us was next to till.we fell in love’or rather I fell in love.
He proposed me in a fairytale style’made me feel like a princess awaiting her prince charming. he had gifted me a solitaire of one of the rarest diamonds in the world.i felt blessed. we became one that day’that rainy night.he promised me a lifetime of love and happiness’but are happiness’s really meant to last forever?
When you fall in love 
It’s out of your hands 
It gets into your heart 
It changes your plans 
But you’ll only understand 
When you fall in love 
Arnav was away on a business tour for almost a month.the distance was killing me.he called almost 4 times a day.but slowly slowly the calls reduced to almost nil.
Next day I received a call from Lavanya ,my friend who worked for Arnav.she informed me of his return .but why did he not call’thought I. probably he was planning a I decided to surprise him instead.i brought him orchids his favorite flowers and blueberry cake’with I LOVE YOU Arnav written on it.i blushed recalling our last encounter.i could not wait to see him..i left to his office.but the sight that awaited me was horrendous. A girl in mid twenties on his lap in a compromising state.i was numb to react.they got up and then the girl kissed him on his cheek and came forward and introduced herself as Maya,his world came trumbling down to my feet.i then saw an animalistic grin on his face.then I realized’I was cheated.
End Of Flashback
A week from that incident.the shock was too much for me to handle..but I now realize I should live. I now leave to Scotland with Mother Sara with a precious piece of gift in me’my inspiration to live for.
The summer breeze will chill you to the bone 
You’ll walk the floor ”til the break of dawn 
Sometimes you’ll feel so alone 
When you fall in love 
And you won’t notice, but the day that it shows 
That light’ll follow you wherever you go 

Part 2

This is Maya



Arnav ‘s p.o.v

 I saw her Leaving My office room That day’.Should I Feel Relieved? I feel dead. I feel Suffocated .But. I Had No Choice. Maya walked forward looked at me tearfully and then slapped me tight on my face “I HATE U FOR DOING THIS TO HER. I HATE TO CALL YOU MY BEST FRIEND.”


It was my entire fault. but I cannot destroy her life could never do that.

She was my angel. Only mine.

But she deserved a happier life.



My life was filled with Darkness. After dad-moms demise I had no one in this lonely world, I had anything and everything a man ever desired. Fame, wealth and the world at the tip of my fingers. All except one, Love. A person to call my own. Then she entered my Life. Khushi Jennifer Gupta. My angel. I lost myself to her the very day I saw her dancing in the park of the orphanage. she was an epitome of beauty. Luscious lips, gleaming eyes, ebony hairs till her waist, petite figure’which made my heart stop a beat every time I saw her. She then became my reason to live for. I used to laugh at the word “love” till that day. but I felt it. she changed it all. She opened the doors of all the colors and Happiness in my life. I fell In Love with her. I confessed my feelings to her. I was overwhelmed when she reciprocated the same feelings making me feel at the top of the world. I proposed to her in a grand way. I wanted to make it special for her, Anything would be never enough for her ever. MY angel is very special. She accepted me. We made Love that night. It was magical. I saw no hesitance in her eyes and just love and trust in them. I could not even imagine a life without my angel. But was life always meant to be the “happily ever after”??

I was away on a business tour for almost a month. How much had I dreaded this trip. I missed her in every breath I took. I could wait to have her close in my arms forever. her eyes, her breath, her tinkling voice’.I used to manage to call her whenever possible. I was lying in my room Looking at my angel’s Photo on my Ipad.That is when destiny decided to play with me. I saw a spot of blood on the screen slowly turning to droplets. from my nose. my head felt Heavy and eyes blurred. I managed to call the reception somehow.

End of flashback


Patient Name: Arnav Singh Raizada

Age: 26 years.

Diagnosis: Acute myeloid leukemia 


I sat staring at my report I received 3 weeks back. I could never say this to Khushi .I knew she would be broken and I couldn’t bear that. She had dreamed of a life with me. I knew she would always support me. But I could not destroy her life don’t deserve her. I decided to take the help of Maya, my best friend. I knew what I was doing was wrong. but I had no other way. Khushi will be very shattered. but she will live happily and move on. she will be happy, that is all what mattered. I will live my remaining days in out memories, cherishing them. forever till my last breath.


~Part 3~
7 months later
Khushi’s P.O.V
“till when my child?” asked mother.” your health is worsening day by day. I think you should let Arnav know, he might change after seeing you.” I smiled hearing that.” mother ,I am living for my child. I can even die for her.. I am 8 months pregnant now. doctors declared my pregnancy fatal, I might not live after my delivery. the only solution according to Dr.Meera Singh, my best friend and my ob/gyn suggested was a surgery to wash away my womb. that is kill my baby. not for all the peace in the world I would do baby is my world.I did not fear a bit ’cause I knew my baby will be in safe hands of Mother like how I was taken care of and all my fortunes to live with.I was elated when meera announced that it is a girl baby.My own princess.Mother and meera our really fearing my death. And Arnav….i did try I lot to get over him. but he had taken over my soul which was difficult to part with. it seemed impossible to me. I often got weird dreams of Arnav holding my hands during my pains. Must be the pregnancy hormones I think.But Mothers words haunt me over and over again…
“beta…baby will be surely in safe hands.but nothing could be greater than a fathers shadow over her.|Her father.doesnt she deserve it too.His name,an identity to her so that no one would ever point a finger at her,not even lord.Tell him once beta.there is no harm in trying once.i feel truly that he wouldn’t hurt you,just once beta.”
Was she right?should I give Arnav a chance??should my baby get a name.I looked at my bulge and patted over it.
I finally decided to contact him


Part 4-the Letter
~When you fall in Love~
•Respected Mr.Arnav Raizada
•I am Khushi gupta, you might probably remember us meeting a few months back.This letter is truly out of helplessness. I intend to never bother you ever again after this little favor .i would like to inform you that I am Pregnant and it is your baby..I know the revelation might create problems with your lover/wife/fiancee whatever but I repeat Mr.Raizada I shall never be a hindrance in your life nor shall my baby.I do not need any money/property or anything of that sort.all I want is just your name for my daughter. yes, it is a girl.this Is because my pregnancy is fatal.i might die in the process and I do not want any fingers at my daughter ever.this does not mean that you shall have any right on her.As I have handed her in safe hands.please take this request as a dying wish of a lady whose heart you broke…
•Thank you so much.hoping for a positive shall not bother yourself as you just send in your lawyers.address is on the leaflet.
•Khushi gupta

~When you fall in Love~
Part 5
Akash( Arnav’s Cousin) P.O.V
I watched as Arnav lay on the hospital bed after yet another Chemotherapy. He is my best friend and brother since childhood yet he chose to hide is illness from me.i was shattered.i would have never known if I hadnt found Arnav in the washroom spluttering blood.he was refusing to get treated as he felt its of no use.i knew that it was true in a way but I chose to not lose hopes.i immediately contacted a renowned oncologist and started his treatment.i sat looking at him.his tired eyes,pale body,drained face took out everything out of him.but what was more unbearable was he yelling out “Khushi” in pain during his chemo.but he did not regret his decision.That is when Aditya Kumar,our friend and Arnav’s company CEO followed by Maya walked in saying that Arnav had a letter which was forwarded from his India and was tagged personal. Arnav had confusion on his face and then eyes gleamed seeing the name on the letter.his eyes watered.but the reaction came afterward was horryfying.Arnav grew pale and dizzy..he started uttering words “Khushi”…”baby”…Pregnant”…Dying…we rushed to him seeing his state.he wobbled and choked.Maya cecked his pulse and called for the stretcher and the doctor(she was an ER doctor)Maya spoke into the pager “Dr Awashto please come to Room 4221.Emergency.”Arnav fell unconcious and we panicked.Maya and her team took Arnav to the ICU.Dr.Awasti,Arnavs oncologist told that Arnav had a stress attack but he needed a surgery soon and it was risky either ways.We had no option but to consent. suddenly Maya’s Pager beeped as there was one more Emergency case.she excused.i walked out to get a glass of water when I spotted Maya coming to me and what she said shook the daylights out of me.

~~Part 6~~

~~Part 6~~


At the hospital




Maya was trembling and Akaash and Adi were Flabbergasted hearing and witnessing the sight ahead of them.One emergency room had Arnav in an extremely critical condition and in the other was Khushi! Akaash was shocked when he saw it was Khushi who was admitted in the hospital with Pains. Maya explained to him that her condition was severe and fatal so she was taken to the Labor room. Khushi WHO had seen Maya was shocked wondering what was “Arnavs Fiance” doing here. Maya attended to her and also paged Dr.Meera.


Meera told them that Khushi had to be taken for an immediate c-section and only prayers could save her. at the same time Dr.awasti, Arnav’s doctor told that Arnav was conscious now but he needed to be taken for a surgery which could cure him.Akaash and Maya sighed in relief.bit he continued that the cancer could be cured but the surgery was risky and anything could happen.Akaash had to agree as it was the only way out. Arnav


Was taken out on a stretcher and he was in pain..and at the same time SHE was taken out too.Their eyes widened seeing each other.Khushi was in shock when she saw his fragile form with needle marks on his hands,dark eyelids,fallen hair and Arnav in both grief and happiness adored her tummy which carried their “Love” Khushi looked at him with questioning eyes ang she murmered softly “cancer” and tears were falling from both their eyes.They were being wheeled to the theatres and Akaash Adi Maya and Mother watched in tears while Khushi and Arnav held each others hands in pain.they both wanted to live now for themselves and for their baby girl;.they parted to 2 different direction for their surgeries no knowing what destiny had in store for them.




The Wail of the new born echoed in the corridors of the hospital; who had been brought into this world to face what fate she was to have in future.




NEXT:  Epilogue   


Coming up soon ….



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