Maaneet+Arshi ff-itefaaq pyaar se-INtroduction

SmileHi all’..i am jyothikaDancing…this is an ff on magical jodis 

arhi and maaneet…

I am writing this ff with a great promise to make u feel content with my ff

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And here I present

Itefaaq Pyaar Se’..(united by love)



It is about love in every form* provingt he fact that

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”



*be it siblings parents or your soulmate


The story traces the life of two pair of siblings in two families to whom family comes first and how their life turns more magical after LOVE traces their life’.


Keep watching out for more’..



Jyothika 😀

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Character sketch:


  1. Maan singh khurana(27):he is the heir & ceo of khurana industries but his sister is the major stakeholder though.very much attached to the family especially with his mom.he is very protective of his younger sister khushi’but loves her more than anything.
  2. Khushi ‘khumari’ singh khurana(24):younger sister of maan and the apple of everyone’s eyes. Cares for her brother the most and longs to find a perfect partner for his.all call her jhalli and she is very desi compared to her brother(jalebi bai u noe!!) Due to her dadi buas influence. She’s daddy’s girl
  3. Rajeshwari singh khurana(48):the mistress of khurana household.she is of a gujju origin but married to a punju household(love marriage).loves her family and has  a very supportive hubby.she is her sasuma’s pet and maan is hers.
  4. Pratap singh khurana(51):the founder and director of khurrana industies.very much caring towards family.khushi is his pet.proud of his son and also very supportive to his wife.
  5. Savitri devi khurana(78):pratap’s mom.she was a lawyer.she is a great mom-motherinlaw-grandmom- and moreover a sweet person.both maan and khushi are very fond of her.
  6. Nakul(servant):he has been in this family for ages and is like a family member to all.but the sarcastic part is that every men in his family has the same name “nakul” and 5 of them work at km.
  7. Adi(26):maan’s manager and childhood friend.



1.      Arnav singh raizada(25):he is the ceo of raizada group.very much protective about his family.he is the twin of geet and has an elder sister anjali.hates his parents for leaving them all alone and migrating elsewhere.very possessive of his two sisters.he is very pranky and loves pulling others legs.

2.      Geet singh raizada(25):arnav’s twin sister.carefree and in her friends words a’ mast’ character. She completed her b.arc and dreams of becoming a great interior designer some day. Loves her family a lot and dreams to get her Mr. Perfect some day.

3.      Anjali yaduvanshi(28):arnav and geets elder sister.married to ranveer yaduvanshi and has a 4 year old daughter siya.she stays with her family as her husband has none and he is like an elder brother to geet and arnav.yearns to get perfect matches for arnav and geet.hers was a love marriage.

4.      Ranveer yaduvanshi(29):anjali’s husband.he is a surgeon.he loves his family and treats all as his own.he is always a guide and support to all.

5.      Kunal singh raizada(42)

:their chachu ie their fathers younger brother.he was the only pillar of support when their parents left them.very carefree and a famous lawyer.

6.      Neelam singh raizada(35):kunals wife.she is like a mother to geet-arnav and anjali.loves cooking for them and pampers them a lot. They do not have any children.


7.      Jeevika raizada vadhera (26):Their bua’s daughter as both bua and husband passed away in a plane crash.married to a lawyer family and her hubby viren loves her a lot.treats all of them as her own siblings even though she is cousin to them.


8.      Parmeet raizada:anj-arnie-geet’s dadi sa and kunal-jeevika’s mom.cares for her family a lot.utterly cross with her son and dil for abandoning their kids and migrating.

 9.     siya yaduvanshi-anjali and ranveer’s daughter.



Abhay Singhania: common cousin of both raizadas and khurranas.he is the bridge that joins both families.engaged to childhood sweetheart Pia.


Other characters will be introduced later’.


Khushi Arnav On KBC

Khushi And Arnav On Kbc


AB: Namashkar Priy Darshako’.Aap Sab Ka Swagat Hai Kaun Banega Crorepati Par’.


AB:Aaj Hamare Mehaman Hai Ek Khaas Pati Patni’..Mr And Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada Dilli Se!

[Khushi Comes Eating A Jalebi And Arnav Is On His Bluetooth Talking But Both Hand In Hand]


AB:Kbc Par Aap Dono Ka Swagat Hai

{But They Pay No Heed As They Are In Their Own World “RABBA VE” With A Soft Breeze}



AB:*Ahem Ahem*


Khushi:Aapka Bahut Dhanyavad Hai Ki Aapne Humein Nimantran Bheja’.Yeh Aapke Liye Jalebiyaan’.Maine Banaya!!

AB:Gits Ge?


AB:Kuch Nahi’.Thank You Khushi Ji

Arnav:I Am Really Glad We Were Invited Sire

AB:You’re Welcome’.

Aapka Pehla Prashn Yeh Raha’

Q:In How Many Years Was Taj Mahal Build?

a         22

b         23

c         24

d         18

{Before He Could Complete They Two Were Fighting}

Arnav:Khushi’Maine Tumse Kitne Baar Kaha Kit Um Ye Saree Mat Pehno’

Bilkul Dilli Ke Auto Rickshaw Lag Rahe Ho..

Khushi:Ha Ha’Bade Aye Superman’Apne Aapko Dekha Hai Kya’.Kitne Gandhe Color Ki Suit Pehne Ho..

Arnav:What The F*

AB:Mr.Raizada’Is Show Par Aise Basha Bolna Mana Hai

Arnav:Sorry Sir’.Iski Saath Reh Reh Kar Aadat Ho Gayi Hai

AB:Can We Have The Answer Please(Tired)’

Khushi:22 Saal’..Happyji Keh Rahe The!


Khushi:Happyjhi’Hamare Padosi’Uska Itna Bada Garage”’.

Arnav:Khushi Kumari Gupta!

Khushi:Hey Devi Maiyya’.Bacha Lijiye Humein Iss Lad Governor Se

AB:Mrs Raizada’.Aapke Jawab Bilkul Sahi Hai’Talliyaan’

Khushi:Yes’Yes'(Hugs Arnav)

AB:Kyun Na Iss Khushi Mein Ek Gaana Ho Jaaye

Khushi:Arnav Jee Will Sing’.

AB:Yes Ofcourse

K + A: *Ahem Ahem*

Sariya Bebeya Aiya Balwant Kaur Na Aiya.. Ou Toh Kehndi Se Main Bahra Bajey Avangi

Aithe Baj Gaye Tie’Balwant Kaur Naa Aaiye


Ek Baat Bathayein’.Yeh Balwant Kaur Kaun Hai?

Khushi:Secret Hai’.Aap Kisi Ko Mat Batayeinga’..

(To Be Continued)

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